What is a Microsoft CSP?

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The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (Microsoft CSP) Program is Microsoft’s primary partner sales motion for SMBs and smaller corporate customers. CSPs play a central role in helping all customers succeed, regardless of size, with their technology decisions and delivery.

Office How® is a UK-based Microsoft CSP; this allows us as a cloud provider to sell the full range of Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure, and allows you to gain access to dedicated pricing and support services that aren’t offered to businesses who licence directly from Microsoft. Moreover, the Microsoft CSP model is designed to add value to your cloud experience through billing flexibility, meaning that you only pay for licenses that are being used.

Our approach is thorough and refreshingly straightforward: we work on the principle that every client is our only client and by working closely with you to listen and learn, understand your objectives and key strengths, and share your vision and core values we can provide the impetus to help you meet your objectives and realise your goals.

Can I transfer my Microsoft CSP license(s) from one CSP to another CSP?

Yes. Transitioning Microsoft user licencing is relatively straightforward, simply request new subscriptions from your new CSP provider then, once your new licences are provisioned, cancel the subscription with your previous CSP. You will not lose any emails or any other data or experience any down time when transitioning from one CSP to another CSP.

So if you’re reviewing your current arrangements or have a specific requirement and are looking for fresh thinking—or even if you’re just mildly curious—do please get in touch.