Office How reinvents the Microsoft 365 support experience

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As more companies engage with the digital age there is a major demand for technical skills in the workplace. As such, an in-house or outsourced Cloud team is essential for any business serious about using more rapid, easy, and less costly ways to stay ahead of the competition.

We work with various customers day in and day out, providing short-term or long-term access to essential skills including:

✓ Managed Services (MSP)
✓ Microsoft 365 / SharePoint / Power Platform
✓ Microsoft Azure Server Hosting
✓ Microsoft SQL Server Databases
✓ Microsoft 365 Programming / Integration / Automation
✓ Websites / APIs

The benefits of a Microsoft 365 support plan from Office How include:

✓ Short-term access to essential skills
✓ Scale work up or down, as needed
✓ Great for project-based tasks
✓ Predictable cost
✓ Friendly and experienced Team

To find out how we can help you to fully realise the benefits of improved productivity, customer satisfaction and sales, do please get in touch.