Office How helps Golf Datatech to meet legacy modernisation challenges

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Established in 1995, Golf Datatech is the golf industry’s premier source of accurate and timely data on retail sales, inventory, pricing and distribution of golf products. The company’s reports are the gold standard of the golf industry and represent the only true measure of market share, average selling price, inventory and distribution of golf products in the world.

Information systems are critical assets for Golf Datatech and incorporate key knowledge acquired over the life of the company. The age of these systems had become a significant problem, with the company becoming dependent on many timeworn applications that limited their ability to meet current and future business needs effectively and efficiently, or to integrate emerging technologies.

“Whether it is the fear of touching heavily patched programs, or simply the daunting task of creating and fine-tuning new original code, many organisations continue living with these ticking time-bombs—with fingers crossed and eyes covered,” says David Grover, Director at Office How. “Legacy modernisation takes commitment and finding an experienced partner can often play a pivotal role in helping you achieve success and avoid potential pitfalls.”

The Opportunity

To improve application robustness, security, transferability, changeability, availability and efficiency of systems used to collect, store and disseminate data on retail sales, inventory, pricing and distribution of golf products.

The Solution

To support the transformation we used a ‘white-box’ strategy—reverse engineering current processes, identifying relationships and producing a representation of the system at a higher level of abstraction. “When you gain understanding of where you are and where you want to be you can focus on putting perspective into action,”  says David.

The work culminated in a new portal for Golf Datatech to manage all of their data collection and report operations along with new IT systems in the cloud. “Before, employees searched through different systems, applications, and shared drives to find the data and tools they needed to work,” says David. “Now they have everything they need in one place and tasks that once took days, now take hours and minutes. Along with other projects we’re implementing, this has really helped to simplify their work lives.”

As the client commented “the system is more reliable, working quicker and better and equally as important we have a new partner which gives us piece of mind for the future.”

Office How has enabled many organisations to transform their existing IT landscape and fully realise the benefits of improved productivity, customer satisfaction and sales. To find out more get in touch.