How Gloucestershire-based Betaris Training uses SharePoint to get organised

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Betaris Training is an Accredited Training Provider, with a fantastic reputation, specialising in a range of work based learning in Apprenticeships, courses for the unemployed, employed and our specialised course ‘SWAT’,  – Serious About Work and Training an alternative learning programme for young people.

Betaris Training has been using Microsoft 365 and Teams for collaboration for almost two years. Its strategy dubbed HUGO (How You Get Organised) is focused on simplifying operations and providing a better experience for employees and customers.

The Opportunity

To create an easy-to-use data-entry/data-recall solution in the cloud to replace the collection of spreadsheets the company uses to record and track trainees.

The Solution

The team quickly adopted SharePoint in Microsoft 365 to help modernise processes that they knew from experience slowed customer service. Employees access the apps and data from one secure location. “Before, employees searched through different systems, applications, and shared drives to find the data and tools they needed to work,” says David Grover, Director at Office How. “Now they have everything they need in one place, and that place is SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Along with other projects we’re implementing, this has really helped to simplify their work lives.”

The design comprises two modes of working. The first is native SharePoint. This has the rich functionality used by data managers. The second, programmed by Office How, is for lay users to type in/find data without worrying about all that SharePoint stuff. “Ease of use was key in HUGO’s design. SharePoint is functionally diverse and it was important that users would not feel lost with the platform,” says David.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits SharePoint can offer you, we can point you in the right direction. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.